XO-42 Orbital Bombardment Platform

“’twas our fifth day into the revolution, urban warfare was not the Drones forte, it seemed. Still they advanced into the dead of night, both sides leaving bloodied messes across the colony. Then, the advance stopped. We had done it! We unloaded whole clips into the enemy, whilst they unloaded whole clips covering their retreat to whatever wretched machine spawned them. By morning the drone army was on the horizon, save for a single approaching craft skimming across the sulphurous desert, stopping on the crest of a dune outside colony. Grabbing a pair of Magnoculars from a comrade, I tried to focus on the lone figure that had just emerged from the craft. He stood there, writing something on a tablet, before taking a bulky device attached to his belt and adjusting parts of it. He just stood there, as if he were waiting, but for what?

My comrade tapped my shoulder and pointed upwards, the sky glowed an orange tinge, balls of searing plasma rained down upon the colony, vapourising everything it touched. Within two hours the colony was but a bubbling crater, only 24 of the 300 colonists had managed to escape. even then, our bodies were pitted with disfiguring burns and holes where the plasma had cast its mark upon us…”

XO-42 Orbital Bombardment Platform

designed as a replacement for the role of conventional artillery, the XO-42 Orbital Bombardment Platform was notorious for the crippling effect on enemy forces without anti-satellite weaponry or orbital fleet support. With 3 massive solar vanes powering the endothermic plasma reactor. It could remain operational for three years without maintenance. However, they are still vulnerable to any direct attacks against them.



2 versions CCC/RCS and Linden Damage

Destructible with a timed Respawn

Adjustable Reload Time, Respawn Time and Hitpoints

Flaming wreck plummets down after reaching Zero HP

Authorisation lists so you can allocate satellites to your team-mates with Designators


setting up your satellite:

this satellite operates at an optimal height of 650m above the terrain level, but is capable of operating any distance

by default the satellite description will look like this:


the first number is the reload time (in seconds) between orbital strikes

the second is the respawn time (in seconds) after it has been destroyed

the third is the number of hits it can take before being destroyed

inside the satellite is an Authorisation List, which all avatars which are authorised to use the device are listed (this should contain your own name as well).

to reset the scripts and load the new reload/respawn/HP preferences, just type /6reset

to check for an update, type /6update

countering the XO-42:

the XO-42 is destructable, and takes damage from physical bullets. when reduced to zero HP, the satellite will spiral down into the ground, damaging anyone unlucky to be crushed by it. the satellite will respawn after the set time (respawn time set in the description)

using your satellite:

to use your XO-42, you require a XO-42.D to be equipped (see below)

when activated, the XO-42 will fire a salvo of 6 shots onto the designated area before reloading (reload time set in the description)

multiple satellites can be used for greater destruction

XO-42.D Orbital Bombardment Designator


the XO-42.D Orbital Designator is a tool used by squad leaders to accurately specify co-ordinates for orbital strike requests, as well as containing the correct data sequences to communicate with the satellites, allowing for relatively accurate artillery support, due to the incredible height advantage offered by orbital weaponry.


in Mouselook Mode, use the Gesture (Default F6) to request an orbital strike from any orbital platforms in the sim on wherever your crosshairs are pointing

a satellite will only begin bombardment if:

you are on the Authorisation List, and the Satellite is not reloading or destroyed.

to check for an update, type /6update


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