XK-35 Atmospheric Gunship


The XK-35 Atmospheric Dominance Platform has been a fearsome sight in the skies above fringe worlds for some time. originally designed as an unmanned vehicle controlled by an AI, the public version has since been modified for manual operation by 2-man crews in response to the heavy maintenance required for the AI system which many clients do not have access to.



2 seater: pilot and gunner.
Physical Craft built from sculpted prims.
equipped with CCC system.
Rezzes a smoking wreck upon crashing.
can be piloted by anyone, can also be locked down, so only the owner can unlock it.
Dialog Controlled, never have to type anything again.
Dialog targeting [II] homing missiles and chaingun – compiled in LSL for lagless usage, grey goo tested.
Equipped with [II] countermeasures, [II] homing missiles respond to [II] countermeasures.
locator beacon for lost ships.
equipped with advanced radar, know the distance, actions, direction and relative height of all nearby targets.

Also included with the gunship is an [II] Flight Suit.


XK-35 ‘Narwhal’ Gunship Manual V1.2

Crew: 2 – Pilot and Gunner

Armaments: Pilot – 6 Plasma Warheads with homing capabilites

Gunner – Chin mounted chaingun modified to fire Plasma rounds. fitted with an advanced coolant system to prevent overheating.

Top Speed: 32.4 m/s

Other Equipment: Countermeasure Flares – the gunship fires off several countermeasures to mislead thermal tracking weaponry. Any II missiles in the vicicnity of the flares will track the flares instead of their original target

Locator Beacon – Owner Only – When turned on, the gunship transmits its position every 24 hours to the owner.

Lockdown – Owner Only – The gunship locks down, and will unsit anyone new who tries to sit in it. the lockdown is cancelled by the owner sitting in the pilot seat.

Advanced Radar – tells the pilot the distance, direction and current activity of all infantry withing 100m.

Unseat unauthorised personnel – unwanted gunner or pilot? then eject them from your gunship.

Remote dialog interface – all of these features are accesible even if you are not seated in your craft, allowing the engines to warm up whilst you make your daring escape.


Pilot W/Up Arrow – Forward

S/Down Arrow – Backwards

A/Left Arrow – Turn Left

D/Right Arrow – Turn Right

E/Pg Up – Up

C/Pg Dwn – Down

To fire the missiles manually – type /6 [AVATAR NAME], to target them. this will target the avatar successfully if they are in the same sim as the gunship.

Gunner: Left Mouse Button in Mouselook – Fire Chaingun

Dialog Menu Interface:

Flares – Fires the Countermeasure Flares

Radar – Toggles the Advanced Radar on or off


Beacon – toggles the beacon

Update? – Checks for an updated version of the vehicle

Eject… – Ejects the avatar from the selected seat


Start – Starts the engines and retracts the landing gear

Land – Powers down the engines and extends the landing gear


Updates for Version 1.2

(19th August 2009)

Dialog Targeting has been implemented for the missiles, although manual targeting can still be used for distant targets.

the cockpit has been retextured, now including an interior texture.

anyone can now pilot the craft, allowing owners to use the gunner seat whilst a friend pilots the craft. to stop shipjacking, the lockdown feature has been added. the lockdown is cancelled by the owner sitting in the pilot seat.

a flightsuit has been included in the gunship crate.


Updates for Version 1.1

CCC (Callahan Combat Control) has been integrated into the system

to activate/deactivate, type “ccc on” and “ccc off” in public chat (channel 0)

when destroyed the gunship will begin to fall to the ground, rezzing a wreck upon impact

The homing missiles have been refined to have better tracking capabilities



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