XK-16 Orbital Dropship


The XK-16 Orbital Dropship is considered the workhorse of the ifritian fleet, its design has successfully lasted over 50 years, and is still in use to this day, albeit with upgraded weaponry and armour. colloquially dubbed as the “Rhino” by CWC forces, it gained its nickname from the dropships tendency to charge at landing zones regardless of enemy firepower. equipped with robust armour and six mortar tubes to clear landing zones, it can distribute damage as well as receive it. the Rhino is kept aloft by a grav-sled array running underneath the craft, with the side thrusters for directional control and accelaration. The C.E.O. has recently approved the dropship for acquiral by external clients.



7 seater: pilot and 6 passengers
Physical Craft built from sculpted prims.
equipped with CCC system.
Rezzes a smoking wreck upon crashing.
can be piloted by anyone, can also be locked down, so only the owner can unlock it.
Dialog Controlled, never have to type anything again.
Equipped with [II] countermeasures, [II] homing missiles respond to [II] countermeasures.
locator beacon for lost ships.

Also included with the dropship is an [II] Flight Suit


XK-16 ‘Rhino’ Dropship Manual

Crew: 7 – Pilot and 6 Passengers

Armaments: Pilot – 6 Autoloading Mortars

Top Speed: 56.4 m/s

Other Equipment:


Countermeasure Flares – the dropship fires off several countermeasures to mislead thermal tracking weaponry. Any II missiles in the vicicnity of the flares will track the flares instead of their original target

Locator Beacon – Owner Only – When turned on, the dropship transmits its position every 24 hours to the owner.

Lockdown – Owner Only – The gunship locks down, and will unsit anyone new who tries to sit in it. the lockdown is cancelled by the owner sitting in the pilot seat.

Unseat unauthorised personnel – unwanted passengers or pilot? then eject them from your dropship.

Remote dialog interface – all of these features are accesible even if you are not seated in your craft, allowing the engines to warm up whilst you make your daring escape.


Pilot W/Up Arrow – Forward

S/Down Arrow – Backwards

A/Left Arrow – Turn Left

D/Right Arrow – Turn Right

E/Pg Up – Up

C/Pg Dwn – Down

Dialog Menu Interface:

Flares – Fires the Countermeasure Flares


Beacon – toggles the beacon

Update? – Checks for an updated version of the vehicle.

Eject… – Ejects the avatar from the selected seat.


Start – Starts the engines.

Land – Powers down the engines.


Open – Opens the armoured doors for troop deployment.

Close – Closes the armoured doors to protect against the vacuum of space, atmospheric re-entry and enemy fire.


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